Friday, August 12, 2011

Madeleine little gift

Spring is arrived at New Zealand.
Lovely sunshine visit my kitchen this morning.
I decided to prepare some little cake for my new guest this lunch time.
Medeleine always is a good choice, easy prepare in 5mins and top with different favor randomly, oven bake for 12mins and done.
Lovely snack bag always make my little cake look great as a gift.


Chocolate sauce with fresh coffee cream cupcake

Chocolate sauce with fresh coffee cream cupcake:)
Heyday! love that.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

[Vegan]-Orange chocolate cup cakes

Help yourself for some orange choc cup cake with Chocolate truffle topping.
Enjoy your animal friendly morning tea or afternoon tea!

[Vegan]-little white cake

 - Stick one is dry blueberry with dark choc...
- smile face is walnut...
- animal's one is coconut... 

Walnut and walnut with golden syrup cake

It's too cool these days.
Please have some cake with your hot tea or coffee, it's
Walnut and walnut with golden syrup cake

Taro Peak

Not sure anyone accept taro, this taro is from China, little different texture from the NZ's one.
People is China make this taro tart during the min-autumn festival. But they look like a ball,
But they seen scare Leigh yesterday so I decide to make it look more "modern" like that:

[Vegan] Dark choc cake

Vegan friendly dark choc cake, with little orange inside.